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As for the man who touf (zul-karnain) he says (and ask you about the horns say, I will call upon you from him a male * I enabled him in the earth and give him everything of cause * Then he followed a reason. * Even if he reached the sunset of the sun, he found her going in a hot eye, and then there were people we said, these two centuries, either to torture or to take * And then follow the cause * Even if he reached the beginning of the sun and found her looking forward to the people did not make them without them Stra * * And he said, So we have taken the news * and then follow the reason * until reached between the two dams found without people hardly understand the words *)
When they learned the validity of the answer and verify his prophecy and show them that it is the right of their Lord and that God On him a messenger and a prophet showed some flexibility and willingness to hear what he says to them, but they stipulated that the Council of Council is not attended by weak Muslims are poor Quraish Their hand they are the former in Islam and are the owners of piety and faith, and the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him almost agreed with this opinion with a view to his commitment to their Islam without that God sent down to him this verse blessed:
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Either you spend too much time at an airport or too little, there is hardly ever just the right time. Here’s a list of airports worth spending hours at or the Duty Free shopping of course!Bangkok’s new airport only four years old now is like a city in itself. And much like the city, its shopping attractions are worth every tourist’s attention and time.

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