Our Founder: The Master has had giant statues of himself built

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Replica Bags Clockwork Creature: General Tik Tok may have the distinction of being the first depiction of a clockwork powered robot in fiction. He’s also the Ur Example of the loyal Robot Buddy and We Can Rebuild Him. Cyborg and Unwilling Roboticisation: Possibly the earliest example of a full body replacement cyborg in modern literature is the Tin Woodsman from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. He was once a perfectly ordinary human being until a witch cursed his axe, which repeatedly attacked him to chop off his body parts. He gradually replaces his missing body piece by piece with tin prosthetics until essentially all that was left was a mind in a tin shell. note The tinsmith kept his old head in a closet, where, due to the no death nature of Oz, it remained sentient, desiring nothing to do with the Tin Man when he returned to retrieve it. Food Pills: Created by Professor Woggle Bug. The books actually avert most of usual tropes the pills can serve as emergency rations, but attempts to replace regular meals with them were stopped. Violently. Robo Speak: In “Ozma of Oz,” Tik Tok, a wind up robot (though not called that since the word was not yet in circulation) who speaks in mon o tone and in flex i ble ca dence. World Building: Maps by Baum depict Oz’s four regions and its neighboring kingdoms. The worldbuilding came about because of fans clamoring for more stories and places to explore. Replica Bags

Replica Designer Handbags Share this PostHealthcare Vote: If the House does not pass their 2,000 page Health Care Bill this weekend it will mark yet another self created deadline that has slipped through their fingers. How many deadlines have passed? It will be interesting to see if any of the Democrats in the House, most particularly the Blue Dogs, learned any lessons from the results of Tuesdays Elections. The American People want the focus to be on the economy and jobs. Manufacturing a crisis on health care when we have a genuine economic crisis to deal with is nuts. This will be a repeat of the Stimulus Bill where not one Republican will vote for a House Health Care Bill. The speaker has over 210 votes today and is just shy of the goal. The leadership wants it over so the members can go about rebuilding their own bases and restoring whatever damage they believe they have committed by voting for the legislation. She will have the votes, she will pass the bill and for a few minutes (days) Democrats will feel like they accomplished something important. AND THEY WILL HAVE!!! Replica Designer Handbags

replica handbags china Meaningful Name: The Master should have thought more carefully before picking out his alias Harold the Saxon ruled England only briefly before being defeated. Miniature Senior Citizens: The Doctor shrinks significantly after he’s aged a few centuries. The Mole: Professor Allison Docherty, the scientist Martha and Tom go to for assistance, is an informant for more https://www.excelhandbag.com/ the Master because he’s holding her son hostage. At the end, after the Reset Button’s been pushed, Martha gives her a bouquet of flowers and tells her she doesn’t blame her, even though Docherty’s clueless as to why. Mythology Gag: The Doctor and the Master’s confrontation in a wasteland obliquely echoes the end of “Survival”, in which the Seventh Doctor refused to kill his arch nemesis on the Cheetah Planet. Martha’s line about how “a gun in four parts scattered around the world” is ludicrous reminds old Who fans of the plot to the six serial “Key to Time” arc. Noodle Incident: Martha’s exploits during the Year That Never Was, including crossing the radiation pits of Europe, walking across North America, seeing the ruins of New York and being the only person to get out of Japan alive. Oh, Crap!: When Martha mentions the satellites, the Master stops being amused by the situation. Ominous Floating Castle: The aircraft carrier Valiant acts as one for the Master. Our Founder: The Master has had giant statues of himself built all over the world, and carved himself into Rushmore. Outgambitted: The Master. By the Doctor and humanity. And how! One World Order: The Master seems to have taken over the entire planet. or at least what’s left of it after the Toclafane attack. The Plan: Martha had a plan to defeat the Master. There was never any four part gun. She was spreading the Doctor’s legend and then allowed herself to be captured in time for the countdown. Politically Incorrect Villain: The Master has issues with women. The Power of Friendship: Martha escaped the Master’s takeover of Earth and spent the past year traveling the world telling everyone about the Doctor and how they’re supposed to say (and believe!) “Doctor” over and over during an upcoming countdown. When said time arrives, everyone in the world doing this (even the Master’s human followers and his own freaking wife) gives the Doctor the strength he needs to overpower the Master and undo all his evil. Race Against the Clock: Invoked and lampshaded by the Master. Counting down! I never could resist a ticking clock. replica handbags china

Designer Replica Bags He was one of the most active ex Presidents, though, and probably did more as an ex President than he did while he was in the White House. After leaving office, Adams ran for and won a seat in the House of Representatives from a Massachusetts district, thus becoming one of only two American presidents to hold political office after serving in the White House (the other being Andrew Johnson, who briefly returned to the Senate before he died). As a Congressman he was much more successful and popular, earning the nickname “Old Man Eloquent” for his speeches against slaverynote In particular, JQA spent nine years from 1835 to 1844 fighting against a “gag rule” against the discussion of slavery in the House of Representatives: the rule stated that any petitions broaching the subject or attempts to raise debate were deemed out of order and to be tabled. Adams argued that this was a flagrant violation of not only natural law, but also the very ideals of the republic that his father had played a critical role in shaping. and the Mexican American War. Even in his old age, he was a great lawyer and a shrewd negotiator, his most famous case being when he successfully argued at the US Supreme Court that the Amistad Africans were illegally enslaved and had every right to fight for their freedom. One of the most vocal opponents of slavery in America, Adams correctly predicted that slavery would eventually cause the Southern states to secede and start a bloody war between the two halves of the nation and that, during this war, the president would use his war powers to abolish slavery. On the other hand, he was fairly racist in privatenote It’s one of those murky Fair for Its Day things, unfortunately: on one hand, he absolutely had a tendency to say things that would be considered unspeakably racist today. However, William Lee Miller’s book Arguing about Slavery included excerpts from JQA’s personal diaries that featured quite honestly poetic writings on the concept of whether black people were to be considered equal under the law (spoiler: he did.), as evinced by several comments he made about the Maligned Mixed Marriage in Othello: “a runaway match with a blackamoor!” On February 21, 1848, he suffered a stroke on the House floor during a passionate debate, and he died two days later at the age of 80 Designer Replica Bags.

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